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Celebrating the Birthday of our beloved 12th Imam – Mahdi (a.j)

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Hadrat Hujjat ibn Hasan al-Askari(A.S.) the Twelfth Holy Imam, Al-Mahdi was born on 15th Shaban in 255 A.H. in Samarrah(Iraq). On this Auspicious and Solemn Occasion we extend our Heartiest and Happy Greetings to all the peace-lovers and justice seekers in the world.

15th Shaban:The Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

Name: Muhammad
Title: Al-Mehdi, Saheb-ul-Asr and Al-Hujjat
Kunyat: Abul Qasim
Born at Samarrah, on Friday, the 15th Shaban 255 A.H.
Father’s name: Imam Hasan-al-Askari(A.S.)
Mother’s name: Nargis Khatoon
He is still living and will appear before the end of the world.
1st Heavenly Concealment: 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal 260 A.H.
Final Heavenly Concealment: 10th Shawwal, 328 A.H. (939 A.D.).
There existed a good deal of harmony and uniformity between the aspects pertaining to the births of Holy Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.), the last Apostle of God and Imam Mahdi, The last Apostolical Imam. Just as the coming of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) was prophesied well in advance by the preceding Prophets, similarly the impending news of the gracious birth of Imam Al-Mahdi was foretold by the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.).
Innumerable traditions in this context quoted right from the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.), from the glowing contents of many books of Masanid, Sehah and Akhbar, and of Shia scholars (Ulama) existed. Many Sunni scholars have accumulated these traditions in complete volumes also, e.g.: “Albayan fi Akhbar-e-Sahib-al-Zaman” by Hafiz Muhammad Ibne Yusuf Shafeyee and “Zikrenal-al-Mehdi” by Hafiz Abu Nayeem Isfahani, as well as “Sehah-e-Abu Daud” and “Sunan Ibne-e-Majah”. All of the above books record the traditions bearing evidence of the coming of this Holy Imam. Out of those traditions two are quoted below:
1. Abdullah Ibn Masood quotes the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) as having said, “Even when the entire time of the world’s existence will have been already exhausted and one solitary day left to embrace the eve of Doomsday, God will expand and make that very day swell to such a length of time as to accomodate the ultimate reign of a person out of my holy progeny who will be called after my name. He will then make the earth abound with peace and justice as it will have been fraught with injustice and tyranny before him.”
2. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates that the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) said, “I am the leader of all the Prophets while Ali(A.S.) is the leader of all the Imams (Successors of the Prophets). I will be followed by twelve successors, the first amongst them being Ali(A.S.) and the last one Mehdi.” (Behar-ul-Anwar).
The above tradition vouches well for the fact that the twelfth Imam is the last Imam of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W.), and stands as the final Divine Authority (Hujjah) on earth. His Apostolical career is divided into three important phases, i.e. the period of his childhood, the period of his “Ghaibat” (concealment) and the period of his “Zuhoor” (Re-appearance).

Name Epithet and Titles:
The name of our twelfth Imam is Muhammad, epithet Abul-Qasim and his well-known titles ar ‘al Qaim’, “al-Hujjat”, “al-Muntazer”, “Al-Mehdi” and “Saheb-uz-Zaman”.

Author: IAC